1020 Austin Avenue, Brownwood, TX 76801

Winter Quarter 2023 Bible Classes

Sunday morning classes   9:30 AM

The Gospel of Matthew

Room #4, Room #5, Room #14, Room #16, Auditorium

Come study the Gospel of Matthew with us at the Austin Avenue Church of Christ.  You will discover a God that sent the promised Messiah and has a plan and a purpose for us all.  Matthew’s Gospel speaks to us when we know all the right words, but life does not conform with language. His call is a call to confess the Lord rightly and to live the confession. As our Lord has said, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (7:24) The purpose of Matthew’s writing is to convince Christians that a genuine faith in Christ must be demonstrated in daily obedience to the way of life he proclaimed.

"The Story"

Room #12

Through these 31 video sessions, The Story small group study opens your eyes to God's master plan as it unfolds in the lives of the Bible's characters. Discover the heart of God's Upper Story and the joy that comes as you align your story with God's.

Wednesday evening classes   6:30 PM

Haggai: Building God's Church

December 13 - January 10

“Be strong, all you people of the land,” declares the LORD, “and work. For I am with you,” declares the LORD Almighty… “And my Spirit remains among you. Do not fear.”’ (Haggai 2:4-5, NIV) This was God’s promise to His people as they set out to rebuild the temple. It’s still His promise to us, as we build His church all over the earth.
In this four-part series, leader and communicator Dave Cornes challenges our priorities and spiritual apathy, reminding us that God has given us a purpose: to be part of the most magnificent building project imaginable, the church. Consider this a wake-up call. Allow the Holy Spirit to stir up your devotion to God’s work again. It’s not going to be easy, but He has given us everything we need, and we have nothing to fear. He is powerful. He is present. And He will build and bless His church.

The Book of Malachi

January 17 – February 21

Mediocrity was never God’s plan for you. In this challenging six-part series, Dave Cornes cuts to the chase by letting us listen in on six conversations between God and His people, recorded by the prophet Malachi. If you’re tired of going through the motions of an attendance-based faith, then discover what it means to live a vibrant, abundant life fully devoted to the God whose immeasurable love for you is based on His promise, not your performance. Recover faithfulness in your relationships. Learn to practice world-changing justice and radical generosity. And even amidst the struggles and imperfections of your ordinary life, embrace the extraordinary righteousness that is yours through Jesus.

Knowing God

                                                                                                    February 21-28